Etna Comics – the International Festival of comics and pop culture – is a crazy event that takes place in Catania (Sicily – Italy). The 9th edition (June 6-9) is about to start in the same location as usual: Centro Fieristico “Le Ciminiere”. Etna Comics it’s a great event with comics, videogames, music and a bunch of great experiences to have.

With more than 80.000 visitors in 2018, Etna Comics is the biggest comics festival in southern Italy. One of the things that make Etna Comics great is the presence of many special guests such as Johnny Galecki (Leonard in The Big Bang Theory), Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad), Keiichiro Toyama (creator of Silent Hill), Neal Adams (comic book artist – Marvel / DC Comics) and Ilona Bugaeva (cosplayer and make-up artist).

We have the pleasure to announce you that Drake’s Odds will have its own stand at Etna Comics. This is a great news, since it represents the actual launch of the game and the very first opportunity to play with it! Isn’t that amazing? Yes, it is! Get ready to come, visit our stand and try our outstanding gameplay.

Our game is an open world multiplayer survival game: you will play as an alien on planet Earth which is ruled by humans and traitor aliens previously arrived in a rural town. You and a group of other aliens have just landed on the planet, you have to survive in order to get back home, but that’s not going to be easy. You will find a survival game like no others.

Drake’s Odds creator, Kyle Rays will be at our stand, so you can get to meet him. Ask him everything you want about our game and our software house. Come and find out our special features such as AI possess and Alien Sense. Do you want to know what these weird things are? Visit Drake’s Odds stand at Etna Comics, June 6-9, Centro Fieristico “Le Ciminiere” – Catania.