An in-depth look at knowledge points, crafting and possession

To win in the world of “Drake’s Odds” is not easy at all: to survive against an artificial intelligence programmed to stalk and hunt you down or other players that could see you as the smallest fish in the pond, it will already be a tough challenge for anyone. Nonetheless even this objective is within your grasp if you’ll be able to take advantage of the game mechanics at your disposal… and we want to help by explaining to you how some of them work.

Knowledge points: perhaps the currency, the most important parameter of “Drake’s Odds”, it can be obtained from the enemies you have defeated by harvesting their KPs to unlock new projects that will be priceless to mount a resistance against all the dangers that surround you or to launch the crucial attack. But keep in mind that all the best things come with a hefty price tag: will you use them on something a bit more inexpensive so you can immediately have something to help you in battle; or will you reserve them a few at a time to unlock the schematics of something really amazing, but taking a lot more time and risk losing them over an unfortunate battle?

Crafting: as you might’ve read, the world of “Drake’s Odds” is really extensive and any vehicle could help you explore it in its entirety… but how can you do it with spaceships and facing the impossibility of starting them up because of your lack of alien technology? Just exploit human tech: build mechanical hybrids using, for example, a car’s engine modded just for such an eventuality with whatever is left of your meager alien arsenal, and give new life to your new spaceship. Never stop looking around to find new resources!

Possession: the very first example we gave you was about using a bear in battle, but did you know that there are other animals for you to control and each one of them has a unique ability? The bear, as a matter of fact, can tear down closed doors, a wolf can move on the battlefield as silently and deadly as possible, a ram can move faster than anyone else… and even human NPCs could be very useful. If, for example, you find yourself in a desperate situation such as defending your base while absolutely outnumbered by a sudden mob of enemies, deploy the NPCs and send them in battle instead of rushing in yourself, fighting to survive another day in the chaotic world of “Drake’s Odds”.