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Hello alien Team!

We’ve implemented a new gameplay mechanic that we’re sure you’ll love.

The control of the spaceship has certainly thrilled many of you who follow us and that’s why we are trying to refine the mechanics to the best.

Like any self-respecting spaceship, we could not fail to add the classic “cows sucking” beam of light, thanks to which you can transport animals, characters and vehicles that you will find located on the map. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

Get into your spaceship and hunt for NPCs that you can “keep” in the cryogenic capsules… Pay attention to the armed categories as they could take down the spaceship even before being captured.

By hooking a vehicle, you will have to consider its heaviness, as the heavier the object being transported the slower the spacecraft will be in transporting it, so you will be an easier prey than the enemies.

Why not? You could simply give a ride to your mate who will enjoy the landscape from above while you drag him from one point to another on the map. But pay attention to the controls … you don’t want to unhook him from 1000 meters high? By mistake … of course!