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You know that in order to survive in an unknown and hostile planet, you must be able to count on a secure base to protect yourself, your food and your weapons and from which you can study in peace the strategies to reach the goal of prevailing over the enemy and find a way to return to your planet.

And that’s why this month we’ve been busy designing and implementing base fences. A good base defense strategy depends on making sure it’s fenced off.

Massive fences will protect your base from enemies and, like bases themselves, you can also upgrade them with increasingly advanced materials to make them more robust and resistant.
In addition to obstructing the access of enemies, the fences can also injure those who think they are being wily trying to climb over them. Each upgrade will make use of different technologies to damage your enemies.

Elevate these majestic walls and delimit the territory by transforming your base into a fortress!