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Hey Earthlings! 👽

We hope you all are doing great!

We sincerely apologize for our long absence from social media. During this time we’ve focused our resources on the development of Drake’s Odds. We are sure you can understand our choice, as we are already slowed down a lot by the vastness and complexity of the project and by having such a small number of developers.

But after this time of giving development a little boost, we can’t wait to show you the progress we’ve made!

For this reason we have decided to do a live broadcast. Last Sunday we went on air showing a small taste of the gameplay and answering your questions in the chat.

In this post you’ll find the video with the highlights of the live, so even those who couldn’t follow it live can see what we’ve done.

We are happy to have provided you with a taste of the game gameplay and, if you like, we will broadcast more testing sessions in the future to show you the progress of our work and to receive your feedback in real time.

Therefore, if you haven’t already done so, subscribe to our Twitch channel to never miss a live of Drake’s Odds!

Once again, we apologize for our absence on social media. We will strive to keep you updated on our progress and will do our best to actively involve you in the development of the game. We are very grateful for your support and appreciate your participation.

Thanks again and see soon!

We have created a new section on our website for those who have the pleasure of supporting our project.
Your help is greatly appreciated and will help us expand the team and release the game in Early Access sooner. To contribute, just go to our website in the “support us” section and fill in the respective form following the instructions. Also, we would really appreciate it if you could spread the word and share the game with your friends.Sincere thanks for your interest and support!