Help us get the development done!

DOS Cover


We have chosen to develop Drake's Odds as we are the first fans of this genre and we have decided to make a game that, with the help of the community suggestions, can be captivating and that has all the features we always wanted to see in this genre of games.
The development of Drake's Odds began in 2018 and all the work done so far has been supported with savings by making financial sacrifices to get this far. However the project is big and demanding as we are aiming to release a product with a good quality level, and to achieve this goal we need to expand our team. Therefore, with your contribution, KaleJump Games will strive to recruit new professional figures who will allow us to complete the development of Drake's Odds.
We all strongly believe in this project and we have the enthusiasm and determination to make all this really happen. We plan to release the game in Early Access first, which will allow us to raise the rest of the development funds.
All of the supporters, in addition to having our most sincere and eternal gratitude, will be included in the game credits and will get a dedicated role on the Discord channel.