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Hey Earthlings! 👽 We hope you all are doing great! We sincerely apologize for our long absence from social media. During this time we’ve focused our resources on the development of Drake’s Odds. We are sure you can understand our […]

Around the structures of the monoliths hovers the mystery that they were built by extraterrestrial races. On the island of San Tecla, this legend seems to have become a disturbing certainty. In fact, in Drake’s Odds they represent the system […]

You know that in order to survive in an unknown and hostile planet, you must be able to count on a secure base to protect yourself, your food and your weapons and from which you can study in peace the […]

Hello alien Team! We’ve implemented a new gameplay mechanic that we’re sure you’ll love. The control of the spaceship has certainly thrilled many of you who follow us and that’s why we are trying to refine the mechanics to the […]

Gaming has slowly but surely took the place as a proper profession and people are playing different genres professionally. For the young and emerging developers, Etna Comics festival provides the perfect platform to showcase their talent and introduce new and […]

Drake’s Odds is the first alien open world survival game that will give you actual thrills! You will play as an alien who has to survive on a hostile planet due to humans and traitor aliens previously arrived in a […]

Knowledge points: perhaps the currency, the most important parameter of “Drake’s Odds”, it can be obtained from the enemies you have defeated by harvesting their KPs to unlock new projects that will be priceless to mount a resistance against all […]

Etna Comics – the International Festival of comics and pop culture – is a crazy event that takes place in Catania (Sicily – Italy). The 9th edition (June 6-9) is about to start in the same location as usual: Centro Fieristico “Le […]