“Drake’s Odds” is been developed by a very small but very passionate team based in Sicily, Italy, called KaleJump Games. We have some experience with videogames, but this is our very first attempt at developing something of such a scale and we can’t wait to hear your thoughts about it!

Absolutely! Either on official servers or your own, the aim is to offer a great experience however you wish.

We’re planning on hosting a minimum of 60/70 active players on each of our dedicated, official servers. However, the game is still under development, so things may change in the future.

Nothing's set in stone: the game is still in development and we don't know the exact amount of work and resources this process will take. That’s why we would be really grateful if you would like to support the development by helping us with a donation that you can make by clicking on the link.

It will be launched on PC, but no platform is currently off the table: maybe sometime in the future we’ll be able to focus development on something else…

Your help is greatly appreciated and will help us expand the team and release the game in Early Access sooner. To contribute, just go to our website in the "support us" section and fill in the respective form following the instructions. Also, we would really appreciate it if you could spread the word and share the game with your friends.Sincere thanks for your interest and support!

Follow our social medias and subscribe to our newsletter on our official site, where we will post announcements and sneak peeks!

Unfortunately there are no betas you can play at the moment, but in case we will need some players to test the game in the future, we will communicate it on our social channels and collect your subscriptions.

After the Early Access release we will continue to release constant updates to improve your gaming experience regularly. Therefore it is very important for us to receive your feedback so that we can discuss and test your ideas to enrich and improve the gameplay, so basically each one of you may be the one to provide us with the right ideas to better Drake's Odds! If you want to suggest us anything, just join our Discord channel and write your suggestions on the appropriate chat.

First of all, in all the other survival games the main character is always a human who has to survive against zombies or aliens. In Drake’s Odds, you play as an alien and that’s revolutionary: not always the enemy is who is different from us. Then we added several features – such as the alien sense which help to perceive things in a deeper way, the knowledge point that can be stolen and the brand-new AI possess – that will bring your game experience to another level.