The first alien open world survival game!



Drake’s Odds is the first survival game that will give you actual thrills!
It is a multiplayer survival in which you can put yourself in the shoes of the invader, the protagonist is in fact an alien from the planet Exomon who must survive on the planet Earth, hostile and unknown to him, fighting, crafting and using the powers and technology in his possession. In this open world sandbox it will be possible to fully explore the 64km² game map with terrestrial vehicles (such as cars or quads) or extraterrestrials ones (such as spaceships).
The extraterrestrial finding himself trapped on an alien planet will have to quickly learn to know the surrounding environment in order to survive and find a way to come back home. Therefore he will use his powers to steal knowledge from humans that will allow him to learn new recipes for the construction of items useful for his survival.
You will also have to face earthly creatures or use them by taking control of their body and mind to exploit their skills and knowledge.
And if you think that belonging to a technologically advanced race will make it easy for you to excel over humans, then you are totally wrong. You are, after all, part of the minority on a completely unknown planet and with people eager to know your technological secrets and that will use every available weapon to steal them from you and to put a spoke in the wheel. Therefore it won't be easy, but you can always cooperate with other players or try to conquer this bizarre world by yourself.



Alien Vs Humans


Have you ever thought of yourself having to survive to a war triggered by an alien invasion? In Drake’s Odds you will be in the invader shoes, fighting against human race and other aliens hostility, in order for you to outlive. You will decide which game strategy you want to use. Do you believe that unity is strength or that self-help is the best help? Are you going to play alone against all, or do you want to build your team?

AI Possess


AI Possess? Yeah, you got it! You will be able to take possession of the AI, controlling it as you do with the main character, as part of your strategy. Thanks to the power of mind control, in fact, it will be possible to strategically take control of NPCs to defend yourself and to attack the enemies. You will also be able to store and keep captured NPCs in cages or cryogenic capsules for you to strategically exploit them whenever you need them. This will open more and funnier scenarios, check it out.

Alien Sense


Yes, we gotta admit it: impersonate an alien has its advantages! In order to decide your strategy, you will need to understand the character in front of you is an AI or a possessed one. In order to do this, you will need to use the alien sense, that is truly advanced and helpful to discern the characters in a clear way. In order for you to use this power, it’s gonna take a lot of energy: that’s why you need to wait until it top up again.



As you can imagine, your alien character will have a hard time adapting to the terrestrial environment. Imagine yourself being in a brand-new world, where everything is unknown to you. You have to learn everything needed to survive on this new planet. How can you do that in a faster way? Easy, stealing knowledge from other characters. Does it sound good? Doing so and using your research table, you will discover new tools, helpful for your survival. But be wise: use your knowledge as soon as possible, or somebody could steal it from you.

Monoliths Decryption


Aliens are known to be more advanced than humans, however, although they already have the intrinsic possibility of using powers, they will have to learn to exploit them inside the earth's atmosphere. In fact, as to learn the construction of human objects, so also for the acquisition of the alien abilities it will be necessary to accumulate knowledge, but this time of an alien type. In fact, the presence of monoliths built many centuries earlier by aliens who had already explored the planet in secret was discovered on planet Earth, with the aim of leaving precise indications to guide those who would come after them, certain that only those who were endowed with the high technology would be able to detect and decipher their message.

Base Building


Through our multi-level base building system you will be able to build and customize your fortress on San Tecla Island, where you can secure your loot. You will also be able to obtain a higher level of defense by raising the majestic walls of the fences thanks to which you will be able to delimit your territory while protecting your base from enemies. Will you be able to defend your base making it insuperable?



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