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Around the structures of the monoliths hovers the mystery that they were built by extraterrestrial races. On the island of San Tecla, this legend seems to have become a disturbing certainty. In fact, in Drake’s Odds they represent the system through which aliens can draw on the collected knowledge of the aliens who preceded them in the exploration of planet Earth.

As for the learning of the construction of human objects, so also for the acquisition of skills, it will be necessary to accumulate knowledge of an alien type. Although aliens already have the intrinsic ability to use powers, they still have to learn how to exploit them in the Earth’s atmosphere. In this regard, they discovered that over the years their ancestors, who have already secretly explored the planet, have left very specific indications to guide those who would come after them, certain that only those equipped with complex technology would have been able to detect and decrypt their messages.

This will start an arduous search for the monoliths scattered throughout the map which, once identified, will need to be activated and defended from enemies who will try to attack you to grab the monolith’s AKPs.